Founders & History

Our History

“What constitutes a sport? Is the international liberal/legal order a sham? Is living forever just torture? Those are the questions we inevitably landed up debating over at the end of our nights out or during the frequent moments of procrastination.


With that, however, came the need to include others into the debate, up until the moment all our friends were fully invested in the question of whether golf is a sport or not… We would always talk about how being well-spoken is half of what winning a debate comes down to, along with a sound argument, of course!


Public speaking and eloquence are of significant importance in all areas of life. Be it in your next facilitation, a job interview or a first date. That is why we sat down and spoke about creating a platform that would become a space where anyone could come and expand their public speaking skill-set through engaging formats and topics, whilst making friends and having fun. And… That is how Eloquentia came to be! 


Eloquentia has grown to be so much more and so much bigger than what we could have ever imagined during our moments of procrastination. It has become a lot more than just a training ground for eloquence, it has become a community. A community that we warmly invite you to join! 


Founding this association was one of the most extraordinary experiences we could have ever wished for and we will cherish these memories forever. Although seeing this association grow was an invaluable reward, we are certain that the best part was the people we have met along the way. 


May Eloquentia always be the place to improve, learn, have fun and experience many beautiful moments as a student!


                           Mateo Rodriguez Zabala & Martin Vekov

                               Founders of Eloquentia Maastricht”