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At Eloquentia Maastricht we strongly believe that working in a collaborative effort to reach a common vision allows for greater success. In fact, we greatly attribute our rapid growth as an association to the collaborations we have had in the past couple years with other student associations.

Eloquentia is concerned with developing articulation, critical thinking and argumentation through our weekly BPS debates and eloquence sessions. Our events facilitate the exchange of social and political issues between students of all Maastricht University faculties and academic backgrounds. We have found that the diversified academic and cultural backgrounds of our members contribute to engaging and thought-provoking sessions. All our events aim to strengthen participants’ confidence, public-speaking abilities, English proficiency, body language, tonality and argumentation. Skills developed at Eloquentia are vital when writing papers, presenting and engaging in everyday communication.

Joining efforts with your association or company could contribute to considerable benefits for everyone involved…

Eloquentia’s success has been greatly dependent on the fostered collaborations

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