Collaborations with Student Associations

Fostering growth for all parties

Long-lasting collaboration efforts and inter-association relationships

Student associations

How could your Student Association profit from a partnership with Eloquentia?

By cooperating with our student association, your members will profit in several different ways. Firstly, because our association is not associated with a specific faculty and we currently have 6 faculties represented, the networking and exchange factor between the different courses is interesting and could lead to an expanded network and knowledge for your members and ours.

Our partnership could be based on debates, workshops or eloquence sessions related to your interests in a professional manner to develop the skills of your members or to debate on an interesting topic. The members of your association learn and get used to public speaking and debating about topics regarding your association.

Together, we can achieve something great!

Types of Collaborations


  • Debates¬†
  • Eloquence
  • Workshops
  • Guest Lectures

– And more …¬†