A different way to learn:

In order to widen the array of events we offer to our members and further diversify our methods to allow them to gain knowledge about public speaking, we also host eloquence and public speaking workshops. These workshops are meant to provide our members with useful tips to work and improve on what we have called the 5 pillars of eloquence (preparation, tone, body language, movement and confidence).

Workshops have also been an opportunity for us to meet and help members from other associations in Maastricht. Last year, Eloquentia hosted 5 different workshops for 3 different associations!

Knowledge about Eloquence

Cooperation with Associations

Workshops with Sigma Investments

Collaboration with the finance-orientated student association of Maastricht. Focus on the best ways to create an engaging stock pitch through the 5 keys to a good speech

Workshop with NOVUM

Collaboration with a student political party, focus on the keys to a good speech and the direct applications to debate