Partnering with Companies


As the student-run and founded Debate & Eloquence association of Maastricht University, we have amassed an extensive network of students as well as influential alumni in just two years. Our network consists of very personable, creative and educated young minds keen on strengthening their academic and personal talents. Eloquentia can be a platform to spread your company’s message and recruit future applicants.


Eloquentia is a very young association which has grown immensely in just two years. We are confident that you can help us extend our network and outlook.

What we can offer you:


  •  Direct contact with talented, international and educated young minds with diverse academic backgrounds and interests
  • Exposure to our member base during events and marketing through our extensive social network on our channels

What you can offer us: 


  • Personal insight and knowledge based on the company’s experience and values 
  • Monetary support to aid our association’s growth 

Large network of motivated and driven students

Expertise and knowledge sharing