BPS Debates

The debates we host adhere to the BPS format and consist of two sides who argue for (Government) and against (Opposition) the given motion.

BPS Debate Format


Each team is made up of two pairs who have approximately fifteen minutes preparation time to construct their arguments together, before making their appeals within a total of 7 minutes speaking time per person. 


  • These are chaired by a panel of judges who oversee that all rules are being followed and later determine a winning team.
  • Debate topics are determined and communicated to the debaters beforehand, when they are assigned their position within the debate and are provided with reputable sources to support their claims and prepare their arguments. 

Here are some motions motions we have debated in the past:


  • “Every good action is driven by self-interest!”
  • “Trump’s ban from twitter was fair/unfair!”
  • “The EU is mainly an economic alliance as opposed to one of values!”
  • “High school classes should be based on academic level!”

“Even as a beginner, the format was very easy to understand and everyone made me feel very comfortable! ”