What we do

Dicussion of relevant issues

We discuss relevant social, political and philosophical issues.

Strengthening of public-speaking abilities

We aim at strengthening participants’ confidence and public-speaking abilities through valuable feedback.

Strengthening of English proficiency

Our events are designed for participants to speak during sessions.

Improvement of argumentations skills

In our BPS sessions there is a particular focus on argumentation.

Evaluation and judgment

Our Eloquentia board judges all the events and gives valuable feedback on your performance.

Enhancement of networking skills

We regularly host social nights at local bars to help you network and get to know each other.

BPS Debates

The debates we host adhere to the BPS format and consist of two sides who argue for (Government) and against (Opposition) the given motion.

Debate topics are determined and communicated to the debaters beforehand, when they are assigned their position within the debate.

Every second Wednesday

Eloquence sessions

Here, participants advance their persuasive and eloquence skills in a more creative way, while developing compelling arguments within a time limit.


One of these is ‘Shark Tank’.

Every second Wednesday


In order to widen the array of events we offer to our members and further diversify our methods to allow them to gain knowledge about public speaking, we also host eloquence and public speaking workshops.

We try to host as many of them as we can.

From time to time